Will You Take On The 30 Wears Challenge?

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

Ruffles, pumpkin, puffed sleeves, and corduroy may all be trending this fall but there is one trend which threatens to change the way we shop forever: sustainable fashion. The fashion industry has a major impact on the environment and the eco-conscious are trying to encourage more people to think carefully about how they shop. There are plenty of ways to be more eco-conscious buying decisions but one of them is very simple – longevity.

The 30 Wears Campaign encourages buyers to consider how much use they will actually get out of their purchase before handing over their cash. Livia Firth popularized the trend when she posted the question: “Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times” when they hover above the “buy now” button.

Since then, the #30wears hashtag has been trending strong. The hope is that thinking about the question will encourage shoppers to only buy pieces they need and not buy clothes they will wear a couple of times and then throw away.

Will you participate in the 30 Wears Challenge?