MAC Cosmetics to Drop Aladdin-Themed Collection

MAC Cosmetics delivered a number of epic collaborations over the years, but their latest is the most magical yet. Our favorite makeup brand is joining forces with Disney to celebrate the upcoming remake of “Aladdin” with a new collection inspired by this movie.

This dazzling range of products will be hitting the shelves just before Disney’s latest live-action film premieres on May 24. This wish-fulfilling collection was inspired by the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine, and it will allow us to copy her flawless look.

“Filled with a mix of precious metals and Jasmine-inspired jewel-tones, The Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC unleashes a new world of limited-edition color. Don’t limit yourself to three wishes – catch every wish-fulfilling shade this May,” reads official statement by MAC Cosmetics.

This limited-addition range features a total of three products. You can pick between a bright pink lipstick, a bronzer and an eyeshadow palette – or get all three at the same time! Nine-shade palate is our absolute favorite, since features a series of shimmering shades which are straight out of fairy tale.