Use These 3 Styling Hacks to Look Good in Cargo Pants

We’ve spent the last few years looking at dozens of ‘90s fashion staples making a huge comeback. Cargo pants are the latest item taking the world by storm, and if you think it’s impossible to look good while wearing them – we’re here to prove you wrong!

Simple Colors

Utility pants look extremely eye-catching thanks to their many pockets and distinctive design. That’s why it’s best to pair them off with items that look pretty simple, especially if you opt for the army print version.

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Classy Designs

We all associate cargo pants to their voluminous shape and oversized pockets, but there are exceptions to this rule. Designers worked very hard to redefine this trend, and came up with a series of classy variations on a signature look.

Going All the Way

If you don’t feel like toning down your look and want to fully embrace cargo pants trend, you’re going to need a couple of items that perfectly match this style. Leather or denim jacket, combat boots and wallet chains come to mind.