Sarah Jessica Parker Revives One of Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Intriguing Looks

Sarah Jessica Parker paid homage to her legendary character, Carrie Bradshaw, at the New York City Ballet this week, by wearing a gigantic fuschia ball gown and mismatched heels.

The entire ensemble screamed Carrie Bradshaw: while the shoes (one bright pink with a bejeweled buckle and the other, chartreuse) was a subtle nod to a look that Carrie wore in a Season 3 episode (where the gang goes to Los Angeles), the gown reminds us more of the one that she wore in Season 6 when Carrie goes to meet “the Russian” in Paris. Not to mention the locale that Parker left when she was photographed was a brownstone in Manhattan, the ultimate Carrie spot. 

But why would Carrie even wear such an iconic, yet bizarre pair of pumps to begin with? Instagrammer @EveryOutfitOnSATC wondered “Did Carrie buy these mismatched sandals straight off the rack? Or did she purchase two separate pairs and mix them together herself? Are they a metaphor for her inability to choose between Aidan and Big?” While many were afraid we’d never get the answer, fortunately, Parker responded and told us that it was simply because both colors were equally “delicious.”